At St. Mary’s we believe Literacy is the key to accessing learning.

It forms the basis for success in education and in everyday life. English permeates all areas of the curriculum. Through listening, speaking, reading and writing students are able to access all areas of the curriculum.

In Prep to Year 2, the focus is on developing the basics of reading and writing through a range of strategies. The daily program includes at least 1 hour of Reading, and 1 hour of Writing.

In Year 3 and Year 4 the focus is on consolidation of literacy skills. This encompasses comprehension strategies, research skills and the development of a framework for critical analysis of reading material.

The approach to Literacy in Year 5 and 6 focuses on increasing the literacy skills of the students, enabling them to access more complex meaning in their learning.

The English Curriculum  can be found at  https://victoriancurriculum.vcaa.vic.edu.au/english/introduction/rationale-and-aims


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