Parents and Friends at St. Mary's


P&F School Projects

In 2019

Our Parents and Friends

- Purchased Robotics kits for the Schools.

- Funded four new intercative Whiteboards for the classrooms

- Started a school pantry system to help our families in crisis.

- Chocolate Drive

- Father's Day and Mother's Day breakfast

Parish School Building Fund (Jogathon)

The funds raised from the Jogathon go directly towards the upcoming classroom refurbishment project. All funds raised are fully tax deductable as per building fund regulations. All donations to this account from individuals or businesses can be made to this fund at any time and are also tax deductable. Information on the master plan and timeline will be provided in the coming months.

The level of practical parent support for our school (and parish) is quite outstanding. It is sometimes easy to take things for granted and just expect that all the essentials are there, including the volunteers. We have a well maintained school, quality facilities, a strong catholic school culture and a curriculum that provides an excellent foundation for further education. I encourage each parent to support of the work of the P&F as practically as possible.

There is much to look forward to again this year


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