Parish Levy

Dear School Parents,

In the past, generations of families have contributed through a Parish financial support scheme known variously as Sacrificial Offering, Thanksgiving, Parish Support Program or Stewardship.

As not all school parents contribute to the normal “Thanksgiving” financial program, it has been the norm over the last few years for a Parish Levy to be introduced for those who do not. This levy is used in various ways.

Your Parish Levy is smaller than many others in our Melbourne Archdiocese. Thus, if everyone contributes who are not in the ‘Thanksgiving’, the levy can be kept at $250 per family for 2014. The levy is due by Friday May 30 2014. The payment whether by cheque, credit card or whatever needs to be made to ‘St Mary’s Parish’.

Thank you in anticipation of us working towards an extremely bright future for the Parish and its school.

Fr Greg Trythall


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