TravelSmart School

St Mary’s Parish School supports a Travel Smart philosophy that encourages students and their families to choose environmentally friendly ways of travelling such as walking, cycling, using public transport or car-pooling.


Through this Travel Smart philosophy we

  • raise student’s awareness about the impacts of high car usage on our environment and community
  • increase road safety awareness and  reduce traffic congestion around the school by reducing the number of car trips to school
  • raise an awareness of travel options to the school community
  • take Active Travel options for excursions

Active Travel

The philosophy of Active Travel is to encourage young people and their families to be active on the way to and from school and making the decision to leave the car at home. This can be achieved by walking, riding or scooting all or part way to and from school.

The many benefits include being active in the morning, gaining independence, getting to know the neighbourhood and making new friendships while having fun.


In recent years, the journey to and from school has changed – increased pressures on time and lifestyle have resulted in significant increases in the number of journeys to school by car. 


At St Mary’s we aim to

  • Build a school culture that supports Active Travel by motivating, encouraging and educating students on travel choices
  • Build awareness of effective  travel choices
  • Build parents trust in their child’s ability to travel independently to and from school
  • Increase road safety and reduce traffic congestion around the school by reducing the number of car trips to school
  • Define the educational precinct that encourages curriculum based activities, non-reliant on motorised transportation
  • Develop positive attitudes towards physical and mental fitness
  • Encourage participation in national and state Active Travel events

Through this Travel Smart philosophy we promote the values of

          Responsibility, Protection, Safety, Trust


On Road Bicycle Education

All Staff members at St Mary’s are qualified On Road Bicycle Education Instructors.

A  comprehensive Bicycle Education Program is taught in Year  3 and Year 4, moving from ‘on playground’ to ‘on road’ activities. Within the lessons the children learn important road safety rules, cycling skills and confidence and develop a positive attitude to physical and mental health and wellbeing. The added benefit to the curriculum is that cycling allows efficient, cost effective, sustainable and fun way of accessing the local educational precinct of the wetlands, beach and historical points of interest. 

To encourage safe riding by bike riders -

Visit VicRoads website for loads of useful information about safe cycling, bicycle trails and maps, and correct Australian approved helmets.

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