Why should you send your child to our school?

Why should you send your child to our school?

- We are a Catholic Faith based school which believes in having strong values.

- We are the oldest continuous running Catholic School in Victoria established in 1842 so we are built on tradition.

- We were run by the Sisters of St Joseph for 99 years.

- We will care about your child and treat them as an individual.

- We work hard and continually try to improve ourselves.

- We know that we do not always get it right, however we will work hard to try to make things right.

- We know your child will also make mistakes and will need support to try to make things right.

- We believe in the Science of Learning and have evidence based practices on our school, especially on the teaching of Reading and Spelling.

- We have high expectations of ourselves and your child.

- Our Classes are well managed with excellent behaviour supports.

- We have great structures and supports for students who need extra help.

- We have a Speech Pathologist at our school two days a week.

- We have a strong community, a bit like a country school in the city.

- We are near the beach and our students go sailing, bike riding and take part in the nippers program at Williamstown Beach.

- We try things like Poetry Slams, Robotics, Bike Education and Kitchen Gardens.

- We try to challenge our students with things like the Australian Maths Competition, National History Challenge and the Stem Aviation project.

- We have an indigenous design incorporated into our sports uniform so our students learn about Indigenous Culture.

- We value STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) and are preparing our students for the future.

- We support our families with Parent TV, Parent Learning Walks and other partnerships.

- We value student Voice with our students leading assemblies, contributing to their own school reports and other activities.