LOTE (Languages Other Than English.)


Here at St Mary's, dialogue is at the heart of our Italian program. Through interactive conversations, students not only enhance their speaking and listening skills but also gain confidence in using the language authentically. From basic greetings to more complex discussions, students engage in meaningful dialogues that reflect real-life scenarios, making learning Italian both practical and enjoyable.

In our weekly lessons, we go beyond language skills to explore the vibrant culture of Italy. From learning about famous Italian landmarks and historical figures to discovering Italian art, music, and cuisine, our students gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse facets of Italian culture. Through engaging activities and projects, they develop a well-rounded understanding of Italy and its people, fostering cultural awareness and global citizenship.

For our students in years 3-6, we're excited to offer the dynamic Dinolingo program. This interactive online platform provides a fun and engaging way to learn Italian through games, activities, and multimedia resources. With its innovative approach, Dinolingo captivates young learners and helps them build a strong foundation in Italian vocabulary and grammar.

Once a year, our school comes alive with the sights, sounds, and flavors of Italy during our much-anticipated Italian Day. This special event includes captivating performances and traditional Italian dance, songs and games. Students also share a delicious Italian treat such as a gelati,  providing everyone with a taste of Italy's rich culinary heritage.

Signora Edmunds