Bikes and Wetlands

St Mary's is known for many things, but one of the things we are really known for is bikes. St Mary's has a large number of students who ride to school. All students go through a Bike Education program at the school.

Our students use bikes to attend the Wetlands program where they ride to the Wetlands to work with the Park Rangers as they learn about their local community.

Our Senior Students ride their bikes along the foreshore track to meet up with the rangers. Our students also ride to the Beach program at Williamstown beach as they learn Beach Safety skills from the Surf Life savers.

Sustainablility is very important at our school and we try to teach our students responsible practices.

Some of our sustainability practices include

- Collection of recyclable products - batteries, paper, ink cartridges, toothbrushes and many other things.

- Rain water tanks to supply the school toilets

- Sustainability topics in our Curriculum.

- Wetlands program.

- Working with the local council on a traffic plan to increase the numbers of students walking and riding to school.

- Garden Program

- Environmental Club for students.