Our Enrolment Process

Our enrolment process is fairly simple. Collect an enrolment from the school and fill it in. You will also need to supply a copy of the birth certificate, immunisation record, baptism certificate and proof of residence.

Once we receive the application we will organise separate interviews with the Principal and Parish Priest.

The school sends out a letter of offer after our closing date for applications at the end of April. You can apply after April, however letters of offers may have already gone out. 

Although St. Mary’s Primary School caters primarily for Catholic children residing within St. Mary’s Parish Williamstown boundaries, every endeavour is made to accommodate all applicants for enrolment. The demand for prep places will vary from year-to-year, depending on the number of sibling and Parish/Catholic children applications. St. Mary’s Parish Priest and Principal work closely with other Catholic Primary Schools in Hobson's Bay to ensure equity and access for all families.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend our school? In short no, but most of our students are Catholic. We do accept other faiths into our school. It can depend on how many positions we have available as Catholic students will be a priority. All families who attend the school are expected to support the faith.

In Term 4 of the year before your child enters school, we invite the new preps in to visit the school. We have three or four sessions that we expect the new students to attend. Each session goes for around two hours with one of those sessions usually over a break time so they have an experience of being in the playground with the other students. Parents and guardians do not attend these sessions.

During one of those sessions we have a parent and guardian session where the Principal speaks to all parents and guardians about starting at the school. School Board and Parents and Friends (P and F) representatives speak at these sessions as well if they are available.

Our Prep teachers will also hold sessions for the parents and guardians.

On the first day of school you are welcome to come into the classrooms, take a few pictures, celebrate the moment. We then have a big morning tea organised by our P and F to welcome the families.

The students finish at lunchtime on the first day and our tradition is that all our families go to Commonwealth Reserve for a picnic lunch together.