Enrolment Processes for Catholic Schools in Year 7
Catholic education is intrinsic to the mission of the Church. The Melbourne Archdiocese Enrolment Policy establishes that the first priority of a Catholic school is the provision of a Catholic education for Catholic children. In keeping with the concern to ensure that Catholic schools are accessible for all Catholic families, the Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) Policy promotes a consistent and transparent approach to the establishment and implementation of local school enrolment policies. It is envisaged that in order to achieve this objective, cooperation and collaboration will be required between schools and, where appropriate, between regions.
Parents, as the first educators of their children, enter into a partnership with the Catholic school to promote and support their child’s education, in particular their education in faith. Information concerning the local school enrolment policy, enrolment criteria and processes should be publicly available and easily accessible to current and prospective parents.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Policy?
  • The Melbourne Archdiocese has a policy to implement enrolment applications to any Catholic secondary school in the Archdiocese. The policy, CEM Policy 2.4, is available at www.cem.edu.au.
  • Each Catholic secondary school should have its own enrolment policy that acknowledges the Archdiocesan Policy and which specifies the criteria that your child has to meet.
  • The Policy endorses Priority Parishes as the designated catchment for a Catholic secondary school. Your parish may have priority to more than one secondary school.

What is a Priority Parish?

  • Priority Parishes determine the secondary schools your child will be given enrolment priority. A list for your Parish can be obtained from your primary school Principal.
  • Priority Parish refers to the student’s residential address, NOT primary school attended.
  • Priority Parishes are the designated catchment for a Catholic secondary school.

What does it mean for my child?

  • Catholics living in a Priority Parish attending Catholic primary schools within their parishes should be given priority in the enrolment process.
  • However, meeting the criteria does NOT guarantee a place to all who apply; this will depend on the capacity of the school and other enrolment criteria. Therefore it is necessary to apply to more than one school to ensure your child has an offer of a place in a school.

Can I enrol at schools other than those which are listed as a priority for my parish?

  • Yes, however you may be lower ranking in the selection criteria.
  • You should check the enrolment policy of the school concerned. Some secondary schools’ enrolment criteria include selection based on: siblings, past students, family or other relationships within the school.

When do I apply?

  • The enrolment process commences in Term 3 and Term 4 of the year when your child is in Grade 5.
  • Key enrolment dates are published in July/August of the Grade 4. These dates follow the same process and timing each year.
  • Applications close in mid-August.
  • Offers of places are sent out in mid-October.
  • Close of acceptances is in early November.