This Week at St Mary's (Term 2 Week 7)

*Thurs Year 4 Excursion Melbourne Museum * Fri Interschool Sport

Expected arrival from Athletics

Students are expected back from the athletics carnival at around 3.45 Thank you

This Week at St Mary's (Term 2 Week 6)

*Mon Prep Incursion Police * Tues Athletics Grades 3-6 * Fri Yr 5 Seniors Mass * Sun First Communion

This Week at St Mary's (Term 2 Week 5)

* Weds Year 4 /5 Emmanuel College The Addams Family * Weds Yr 3 Reconciliation Evening * Fri Prep Ambulance Incursion * Fri Farewell Con

Athletics Day Years 3 to 6

Reminder that the athletics day is for Year 3 to 6 students only. Prep to 2 will be at a later date. Thank you

Athletics Day Helpers

Good Morning Parents

We are in urgent need of helpers for the athletics carnival on Tuesday May 30. At present we only have a few volunteers and unfortunately we may have to cancel some events if we do not get some more helpers.

Please contact me via email or at the school office. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Open Morning March 17 8:30 to 9:15ish

Dear Parents. Open Class Morning. Wednesday the 17th of May Classrooms Open at 8:30 for all families to visit and see the work of your child