Parents and Friends.

The Parents and Friends Association (P and F) supports the school through Fundraising, organising events and providing other support to staff, students and families. It is a great way to help the school and to meet other families in the school. (and have a bit of fun.)

Some of the things we help to organise include

- Welcoming new families to the school.

- Icy pole sales to the students.

- Biannual School Fair

- The School Ball

- Jogathon

- Christmas and Easter raffles

- Quiz nights and other events

- St Mary's Pantry

St Mary's Pantry: The families at St Mary's donate meals to our Pantry for our families going through times of need. Whether that be the birth of a new child, sickness in the family or something else, we like to support all our families.

Meetings are held in the staffroom at 7pm.  A list of meeting dates is on the school calendar.