School Board

The St. Mary’s Parish Primary School Advisory Board is dedicated to acting as the parents’ voice in the development of the school. The Board provides a forum for discussion and policy making on matters concerning the operations of the school and the education and welfare of students. Primarily the Board functions in an advisory capacity to support the Parish Priest, Principal and wider school community. Working together in a spirit of co-operation, the Board holds as its central purpose the realisation of the school’s vision and aims.

Key responsibilities of the Board include:

- To promote and support the Catholic ethos of the school.

- To assist in the ongoing evaluation, formulation, and implementation of the school’s Philosophy, Vision and Aims in conjunction with the Parish Priest, the Principal and wider school community.

- To assist with the formulation of the strategic direction for the school.

- To ensure involvement, representation and communication with the school community, Parish and wider community.

- To provide the opportunity for parents to raise issues which fall within the function of the Board.

- To be actively involved in policy review and development.

- To ensure that the school’s finances, facilities and equipment are maintained and developed.

- To support the work of parents’ auxiliaries within the school.

- To support parent education programs provided by the school, parish and wider community.

- To establish or provide representation on other working parties, committees, councils and boards as agreed upon by the Advisory Board.

- To embody the values of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and to strive to manifest these values in the everyday activities of the school. Meetings are generally held twice per term.

St Mary's School Board operates as an Advisory Board to assist the running of the school. The Board is composed of

- The Parish Priest.

- School Principal

- Staff Representative

- Six Parent Representatives.

Members of the Board are appointed to suit the needs of the school.

In 2023, our School Board comprises:-

Julie Carey - Parent Representative (Board Chair.)

Steven Sagona.- Parent Representative

Elaine Garner - Parent Representative 

Lisa Rogers - Parent Representative 

Martin Griffin - Parent Representative

Marcia English - Parent Representative 

Jacqui Trethowan - Parent Representative

Father Greg Tryfall -Parish Priest (Custodian of Mission ex officio.)

Anthony Hockey - School Principal (ex officio)

Michelle Ristovski co - Deputy Principal

Laura Graham - co - Deputy Principal