St Mary's Parish School Building Fund

Donations to the St Mary’s Parish School Building Fund

Making a donation to the St Mary's Parish School Building Fund is a great way to support the school.  All donations are tax deductable.

Donations by cheque can be left at the school office. Please make these payable to St Mary’s Williamstown Parish School Building Fund.

Alternatively, donations can be made through electronic banking using the following –

BSB 083 347    Account number 153900034

School Building Funds can be used for a number of things such as building projects, school repairs, replacing carpets, repainting the school.

Some of our immediate plans are to 

- Recarpet the school

- Repaint the school

- Replace the glass doors that the students enter into the building with an electronic door to make it warmer inside during winter.

We aim to see your donation used directly into the school while your children attends the school.